3D Printing

3D Printing Service

At 3D Source Creations, our company uses the latest 3D printer that is available today in order to provide great levels of detail and quality at an attainable price.

With the 3D printer in our arsenal capable of maximum printing volume of 24.4 Liters (about 1550 cubic inches), it opens more possibilities and opportunities on what you want to create.

How to Get Your Service in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1

Request the quote on the form in the contact page.

Step 2

In the quotation request, specify what you would like to print and other customizations you wish to specify.

Step 3

Attach the files that you would like to print. Currently, we only accept STL files.

Step 4

Click Submit button once all the information and files are filled out.

Step 5

You will receive your quotation after we calculate from the information you provided in the quotation.


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